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Accessibility and Angular Part 1

By meeting the guidelines defined by the W3C WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA technical standards, the content in single-page applications can be made more accessible.

Free Llama SVG

Part 2 of a series called Critters of open source vectors illustrations brought to you by Front Edge Digital

Smarter Auto-Closing Angular Alert Messages

UI Bootstrap's alert message directive is a great module that will take care of displaying all of your application's alert messages. However, I found that it was lacking one important feature - the ability to manage auto-closing of the alerts.


Many companies tell me they have moved to web-scale and deploy to the cloud, however, when I study their architecture in detail I notice that they do not architect the software in a way that allows for scale.

Front-End Style Guides

Front-end style guides create a consistent user experience. Using style guides makes designing, maintenance and development easier for developers and designers alike.

Dynamic Directive Templates

Follow up to blog post 'How to build a UI without seeing the data'. Investigating performance issues with assigning dynamic templates to directives.