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Distributed Scrum

Distribution often makes this manifesto item hard to follow. In particular, it is hard for individuals to collaborate when not co-located. Often agile teams prefer to work in the same room (often called bullpens) where the cost of collaboration is minimized. In a distributed world, you can't just lean over to the guy with the knowledge you're missing and get the answer immediately.

Configuration at Runtime

Single page apps are continually fed data for display, some of which may include translation data. The question is how to configure this while the application is running.

Why Node

The freedom of Node/JavaScript invites clever and brilliant solutions, but at the same time opens up Pandora's Box for the worst possible engineering practices.

Learning Angular

Looking back on transitioning into an Angular Developer and some tips, tricks & feedback for aiding your journey.

Anteater SVG

Part 1 of a series called Critters of open source vectors illustrations brought to you by Front Edge Digital

Java vs Node

What I want to convey in this blog how you have to change the way you work when you go from a strongly typed language to one of the dynamic languages.

Unit Testing with Promises

When you have quite a complex single page application with numerous modules, a stack of controllers and a ton of service calls, it can be hard to figure out where to start.